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Information Sharing


Information Sharing Protocol

In order for the safeguarding of adults to be successful, it is essential that all agencies and organisations engaged are empowered and committed to share good quality and relevant information in a responsible, timely and secure way.

Organisations may need to share specific information in order to:

  • prevent death or serious harm
  • coordinate effective and efficient responses
  • enable early interventions to prevent the escalation of risk
  • prevent abuse and harm that may increase the need for care and support
  • maintain and improve good practice in safeguarding adults
  • reveal patterns of abuse that were previously undetected and that could identify others at risk of abuse
  • identify low-level concerns that may reveal people at risk of abuse
  • help people to access the right kind of support to reduce risk and promote wellbeing
  • help identify people who may pose a risk to others and, where possible, work to reduce offending behaviour
  • reduce organisational risk and protect reputation
  • learn lessons through Safeguarding Adult Reviews  

The Sheffield Adult Safeguarding Partnership has developed an information sharing protocol which agencies have signed up to.

To access the protocol please click on the following link: Information Sharing Protocol

Safeguarding Training

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To book onto a training a course please email adult.protection.safeguarding@sheffield.gov.uk