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Sheffield Safe Places

What is Sheffield Safe Places?

Sheffield Safe Places is a scheme for adults who may feel unsafe or be vulnerable whilst getting out and about in Sheffield. It is funded by the Sheffield Adult Safeguarding Partnership and run by Heeley City Farm.
Safe Places are shops or other public buildings where people can go if they need help whilst out in Sheffield. Staff at the Safe Place will help the person, give them somewhere safe to sit and can help them by ringing a carer or friend for them.

Safe Places have a sticker in the window and can be found on the map here https://www.safeplaces.org.uk/member-schemes/sheffield/

Members receive a Safe Places card to write a carer or friend’s details and any other helpful information on it. This can be carried round and shown to Safe Places staff if members need help.

To sign up and receive a Safe Places card, members can apply online. More information about Sheffield Safe Places can be found at https://www.sheffieldsafeplaces.co.uk/

Becoming a Safe Place

The scheme is looking for more organisations to join the scheme, who meet the following criteria:

  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Will provide a safe and supportive environment for anyone who may need help
  • Can provide a space for someone to sit in a quiet area
  • Staffed by at least 2 people at any one time
  • Accessible premises
  • Able to display the Safe Places stickers so that they are easily visible
  • Open to the public and has appropriate (live) public liability insurance
  • Staff who will stay in contact with the scheme and train new staff
  • Help us to promote the scheme in Sheffield

If you would like to know more about becoming a Sheffield Safe Place, contact Olivia at safeplaces@heeleyfarm.org.uk

Other ways to get involved

Can you help to spread the word about Safe Places by displaying a poster?  Email safeplaces@heeleyfarm.org.uk

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